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How to request kits in the portal

1) Click "Sign In" on the top right of the screen 
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2) Login using the credentials you created after accepting the invitation
        a) if you forgot your password, click "Forgot Your Password" and enter your e-mail address (you will have to wait for a response from               AMSTI with a new password)
          b) enter your username and password and click the blue "Sign In" button
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3) Once you have successfully logged into the portal, select "Certifications" in the top menu bar
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4) You should now see your active AMSTI certifications. You may sort by kit name by clicking on the word "Kit".
    To request a specific kit from the grade in which you're currently teaching, click on the kit title. For this example:      I will click on the name "Soils & Shores"

certs view.PNG
Note: to see the current AMSTI science kit matrix, click on the "ScienceMatrix2020" file under the "Files" heading
5) After clicking the kit name, you will see the Certification Details about that specific kit.

   If your kits adhere to a cycle schedule, you will see your school name, the cycle you will receive that kit (should         you request it), the pickup date*, and return date*.

6) To request the kit, click "Yes" under the "Request Kit" heading.
Note: if you do not request a kit, you will not receive it.
kit view no date.png
*Pickup and return dates are when kits are shipping from the AMSTI warehouse or being returned to the AMSTI warehouse. Depending on who is responsible for your kits transportation, someone might be collecting them prior to this date. Please check with your school's administrator about your school and/or district's AMSTI kit policy.
7) To complete the request for this kit, click the blue "Submit" button on the bottom left of the screen.

8) After submitting, you should see a green bar with the message: "Submission completed successfully".

To complete this step for additional kits, click "Certifications" on the top menu bar and repeat steps 4-8 for all kits in your grade level.
submission complete.PNG
For information about AMSTI science kits, click the following buttons:
If you are piloting the "Requested Delivery Date" feature, please continue:

9) After you have selected to receive a kit, you will need to choose when you will receive it. For this example, I want to receive my Soils & Shores kit during Cycle 1 (the first 9 weeks).

For this example, I am entering August 3, 2022. You may type the text or choose the date from the calendar by clicking the calendar icon.

Note: Once this information is gathered, kits will continue to be shipped on a 4 cycle rotation unless there has been a previous discussion to deliver kits at different times. Choosing August 30th, for example, might still result in the kit being shipped on schedule (August 3-5).
kit view request date.png
10) To complete the request for this kit, click the blue "Submit" button on the bottom left of the screen and continue for all kits. 
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